New Heights Toledo Ministries

Arts and Crafts: Exisitng for the purpose of connecting people thru the arts and crafts-This team is under the servant leadership of Josh Mitchell.

 Enourage Me: This ministry in partnership with the Southside Life Station is an encouragement ministry open to anyone who wants to sign up. Encouragement calls (Pre-recorded) are sent at least weekly sometimes up to three times per week. Texts, emails and other means are used to encourage people as well. This is for anyone, not just clients of the life station or members of the church. You or anyone you know may sign up for this service using this link and fill out the registration form. 
Fatherhood Watchmen: This TEAM, Servant-led by Brother Tony Tate, serves to encourage the brothers inside and outside New Heights Fellowship. Brothers are encouraged and encouraged to encourage one another. TEAM members are brotherhood servants and work to help Tony support and encourage men in the Christian walk. Brotherly Love, Brotherly Prayer, and Brotherly Encouragement are the three areas of emphasis. Men of God, don't go it alone. Work together to encourage one another and push forward to reach new heights in Jesus! TEAM members need not be a member of the church but should believe that brothers encourageing and supporting one another is important. 
Gate Crashers: This is Bible Study, Memorization, Service, Fellowship, and Recreation for teens who want to follow Jesus. Gatecrashers must apply and be approved by leadership. There is an application and a process. Status as a Gatecrasher does not depend on membership in the church and so members of other churches may be elligible. The concept of Gate Crashers is based on Matt 16:18-The Gates of hell shall not prevail against us. Gatecrashers is 7th -12th grades. Sherri Stevenson and RJ Shope work to provide interactive, entertaining, and most importantly Spiritual growth enhancing Bible study times. 
Youth: Ages 7-12th grade learning the word better and lIving for Christ. This group is all teens in this age bracket. Led by Sherri Stevenson and RJ Shope Jr, (Lead TEAM Member) these teens meet every Tuesday night, often attend MAD house, and sometimes have Gatecrashers status. Some transportation is available. 
Click here to see and print code of conduct forms.  

GODZ KIDZ: This is Ministry and involvement for children of all ages. Nursery and Pre-school available on Sunday mornings for message time. Children stay with adults during first few songs and inspirational moment. Pre-school and School-aged children have age-appropriate lessons Sunday mornings.


Dulos: This ministry focuses on helping people feel at home, information distribution, fellowships, and maintaining the volunteer kitchen space. The term Dulos comes from the greek word for servant or slave and this team embodies that attitude with activities designed to serve others and facilitate the various functions of the body. This team is currently looking for a new servant leader as of 08/1/2021.

Finance TEAM: This team, led by the Treasurer Amalya Hartley tracks the church's finances, writes the checks, tracks TEAM leader disposable funds, and leads in writing the budget every year. The treasurer is an elected supervisor/servant leader to pay attention to the church finances to try to avoid errors and make sure the Lord's money flows to the places the body has decided (under the Lord's direction of course.)
Podcasting:  The podacsting for the church is generally handled by Pastor Daniel Stevenson. It includes Podcasting Sunday services and Gaming events for the Christian Games TEAM. The podcasts are located on Podcast garden and can be found in most places you find podcasts Eg. I-tunes, Google podcasts, Stitcher, or more. You can even enable Stitcher to play new heights podcasts on your echo device by saying, "Alexa, ask Stitcher to play New Heights Fellowship Baptist Church of East Toledo. Update: Amazon has added our podcast to their podcast service so you do not need Stitcher to be able to access it. Visit podcast garden at podcastgarden/podcast/newheightsfellowship or click below to listen on amazon. 

Preschool and Nursery Team: This loving bunch of workers keeps a lively decorated space and teaches a little something every Sunday. Social interaction and loving care for the nursery which is the 0-3yr olds and preschool which is 3-5yr olds. Pre-schoolers and Nursery aged children remain with their parents for the first part of worsip and then are released to their age appropriate rooms. Sister Sherri Stevenson servant-leads this ministry. 


Music Team: The music team sees there purpose in the kingdom to train the church to utilize music in all it's variety. Children are taught music basics and all congregation members are taught to appreciate God's gift of music. Tim Mitchell (music team leader) leads in searching out God's purposes for music and its many uses in the church. (Not Pictured below: Amalya Hartley)

Pantry: New Heights operates a pantry to help provide food. The building sits in the middle of a food desert by federal standards and our pantry is open weekly. You may advance register at this link.  You may volunteer by filling out the form at this link and specify in the notes whether you would like to serve at the 255 Heffner location or at the 402 South ave. location (Life Station) or both. The pantry provides free food for those in need. You may give to the pantry by clicking the donate now link above and specifying your giving for that purpose. The Pantry is a ministry that utilizes various TEAMs to get the job done but is generally overseen by TEAM Dulos and Amalya Hartley of TEAM Admin. Jamie Brister is the primary client services person. 

Praise Team: The praise team is contemporary in nature. Tim Mitchell (Music team Leader) plays guitar, Jenny Mitchell on base guitar, Ron Mack on drums, Jason Wellington on Guitar, and Allecia Shope lead in vocals and play piano and acoustic guitar, and Amalya Hartley on lead vocals and keyboard. The praise team desires to worship God. These servants are working to help the collected body worship God to the fullest of their ability. Recruiting singing and musically able followers of the Lord.
Tech Team: This team is responsible for the use of technology by the church body to better the lives of the members as well as to further the success of the various ministry teams. This is a growing area and persons with willingness and/or training to works with electronics, the internet, and other aspects of technology are desperately needed. This team is faithful in its service role and is growing both in need and numbers.

Christian Games Team: Ron Mack II heads up this team in its efforts to enrich the lives of the body through games. These things were given to us to enjoy... This team is responsible for the table top Games ministry.  Role Playing and Board game events are scheduled almost every week with three or more on-going role playing campaigns.  Fellowships often include boardgames and stategic war games as well as volleyball etc. Gamers in Action is an arm of this ministry that seeks to organize events including foam weapon fighting events to get gamers active together.

Here's a short entertaining excerpt of Theon and Jake "saving" a goblin baby. Enjoy-

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Recordings of sessions from various Role playing campaigns here on Podcast Garden RPCGT



Soldiers of the Sanctuary (B/G): This team is responsible to maintain the building and keep it ready for use. Led by Mike Brister this team has been instrumental in renovating our new building and continues to work to provide the best place for worship and service. We are grateful that God has arranged the qualified individuals of this team to serve the Body's needs in this area. This is Pastor Dan's blog. This is updated once in a while and includes creative and unique views on biblical principles and musings on Christian Living. Check it out!

Outreach Advocates: Our Missions TEAM leader is Allecia Shope and she works to plan the missions of the church and the TEAM missions if needed. She enlists volunteers as workers and to get the supplies for our missions and sees that they run smoothly to better our community.  A yearly callendar of outreach is voted on by the body and the whole body is asked to participate in every mission in some aspect.


Community Events: Our members work to meet the needs of the Community and show God's Love to others through Block Parties, food distribution, Community Clean up, School supply give aways, and other events throughout the year.


Southside Life Station: This ministry is actually a ministry of the NWOBA. Many New Heights members participate in this ministry. Located at 402 South St. in Toledo the Life Station has a weekly food distribution worship service. Persons receive an emergency supply of food. Toiletries are also given but only every other month.  During the stay at home many thousands families were helped with immediate emergency food assistance/clothing. Referrals are accepted from known churches and local help agencies from all over the city. This was accomplished through walk-up service and DELIVERY service. More information about the services are available on the life station page which ahs a link above. The Life Station continues primarily on the good graces of God but His faithfulness to provide persons who will donate financially and/or supplies has been amazing. If you would be interested in donating supplies or financially to this critical ministry please contact the Life Station at 419-243-1255.

Since before the stay at home order the Life station delivers emergency food supplies to those in need. Potential clients can call teh call center at 419-242-3340 or go to the life station link above for additioanl infomration and/or to register for assitance. If you don't need this help you may need to hep. Financial giving, donating needed supplies, praying, volunteering, and promoting are ways you can pitch in.
New Heights Food Pantry.
The pantry at 255 heffner St. is open Sundays 2-4 and Mondays by appointment. An emergency food supply is available to all professing need. Additional supplies are available to families with children, an expectant mother, or non-custodial parents thanks to a subgrant received ultimately for ODJFS. Please click the registration link about for the New Heights' pantry. 
(Note: All pictures are from our activities, are taken editorially, and are used without and do not need the permission of those in the pictures because they were taken as editorial pictures. If you or your young person are pictured and you would prefer that the picture not be shown you may request it be removed in writing to New Heights Picture Concern-255 Heffner Toledo Ohio 43605- An attempt will be made to honor all requests but no promises are made concerning the removal, use, or lack there of where pictures are truthful and actual representations of the events pictured. If your child is attending a New Heights event without your supervision pictures taken are considered editorial and essentially public domain for purposes of New Heights' promotions or any use authorized by New Heights or New Heights' Leadership. If you have a need that flows contrary to the language of this disclosure, such as a need to avoid being pictured, you should be present and inform the photographer who will do his/her best to take pictures accurately representing the events while honoring the request. Ultimately, if an error is made, if pictures are needed to record the event and for church purposes, children may be asked to re-position themselves and parents may be asked to help. Lastly, absolutely no implied or otherwise promises are made and adults and children attending New Heights events may be pictured editorially without your consent leaving only the avenue above to get a picture removed. No professional or otherwise photographers are allowed without express written permission. New Heights is not responsible for pictures taken on personal cell phones but any obvious misuse of such technology is frowned upon and will be forbidden by leadership as leadership determines appropriate. This disclosure applies to all pictures taken and used from any events, for this website, social media, and printed materials. )