This is the intake quiz for Lesson 1 Nutrition questions.
These trainings are desigened to encourage us all to consider nutrition and food safety as a means to a a healthier life in general. Some experts differ on certain details in the quiz. We are not attempting to cause a conflict. Please answer the questions according to your best knowledge and then on the second time throught the quiz please answer according to the information presented in the training. Thank you very much for joining us on this journey.  
  • Please fill out the quiz in its entirety.
  • Do not look up any answers on the internet or ask a friend.
  •  If you aren't sure of an answer please do not guess. Select 'Not Sure.'
  •  You ARE NOT being scored and all questions will be reviewed during the video. 
  •  Doing well on the quiz will not affect the ammount of additional supplies you will receive.
  •  The training for this program will take approximately 30-45 Minutes and will include taking this quiz again after watching a video so that we can see a comparison.
  •  Please complete the quiz below and then visit the following link to watch the video before taking the quiz again. LINK to Video.
Zip code*
Phone Number*
Email Address*
# adults in household*
# children in household 18 yrs and under, include pregnancy, include, non-custodial children (grandchildren, any children you may prepare food for)*
I am prepared to sign that my income is below 200% of the federal poverty level( We do not require proof of income, only a signature)*
Two Cups lettuce equals one cup serving of fresh vegetable (True/False)*
What is Considered One Serving Size of Meat?*
A serving size of grapes is...*
Which of the following are part of the dairy group?*
Are all of the following are considered Grains? Rice, Pasta, Rye, Wheat*
Generally speaking, which require more calaries?*
Would the following be considered an example of a nutritiously complete meal? Pasta, Spaghetti sauce with ground turkey, salad with spring mix, apples and Monterey Jack Cheese, topped with apple cider vinegar dressing and a glass of water...*
Do pregnant and breast feeding women need more calories than other women?*
It is best to eat a variety of colors of fruits (true/false)*
The darker the color of a vegetable the more nutritionally dense with vitamins and minerals it is.*
Which is considered a lean source of protein?*
Which food group is the best for vitamin C?*
You should always wash fresh fruit before eating.*
Of the following, which shows the best order in which to eat vegetables in order to receive the most nutrients?*
Gum, candy, soda, fruit gummies are a good source of nutrients.*
How many food groups are there?*
The USDA website for nutrition is*
Oils/fats is a food group.*
According to the USDA half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables.*
Juice is better for you than whole fruit.*
Which of the following is the best drink for you?*
Of the following, which contain protein?*
Are the following good sources of fats/oils? Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, avacados, grape seed oil*

  • After completing this quiz for the first time, you need to watch this video. Click here. Then take the quiz again. You will receive an email reminder with the links to the video and the link to come back hre and take the quiz again. 
  • It may be possible that we will run out of slots in the program at some point. We will do our best to serve everyone.
  • We will be preparing two additional trainings if you choose to continue.  You are not required to continue and you will get some free product delivered to you every time you complete a training. 
  • Everyone is welcome to take the quiz anyway but rewards after the training will be somewhat more available for households with children involved.