This is the intake quiz for Lesson 1 Nutrition questions.
  • Please fill out the quiz in its entirety.
  • Do not look up any answers on the internet or ask a friend.
  •  If you aren't sure of an answer please do not guess. Select 'Not Sure.'
  •  You ARE NOT being scored and it is not a competition but the list generated will help our call center person know some of what to discuss during the lesson. 
  •  Doing well on the quiz will not affect the ammount of additional supplies you will receive.
  •  The training for this program will take approximately 30-45 Minutes and will include taking this quiz again after your discussion with our operator so that we can see a comparison.
  •  Please complete the quiz below and we will be in contact to schedule your phone call. 
Zip code*
Phone Number*
Email Address*
# adults in household*
# children in household 18 yrs and under, include pregnancy, include, non-custodial children (grandchildren, any children you may prepare food for)*
I am prepared to sign that my income is below 200% of the federal poverty level( We do not require proof of income, only a signature)*
Two Cups lettuce equals one cup serving of fresh vegetable (True/False)*
What is Considered One Serving Size of Meat?*
A serving size of grapes is...*
Which of the following are part of the dairy group?*
Are all of the following are considered Grains? Rice, Pasta, Rye, Wheat*
Generally speaking, which require more calaries?*
Would the following be considered an example of a nutritiously complete meal? Pasta, Spaghetti sauce with ground turkey, salad with spring mix, apples and Monterey Jack Cheese, topped with apple cider vinegar dressing and a glass of water...*
Do pregnant and breast feeding women need more calories than other women?*
It is best to eat a variety of colors of fruits (true/false)*
The darker the color of a vegetable the more nutritionally dense with vitamins and minerals it is.*
Which is considered a lean source of protein?*
Which food group is the best for vitamin C?*
You should always wash fresh fruit before eating.*
Of the following, which shows the best order in which to eat vegetables in order to receive the most nutrients?*
Gum, candy, soda, fruit gummies are a good source of nutrients.*
How many food groups are there?*
The USDA website for nutrition is*
Oils/fats is a food group.*
According to the USDA half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables.*
Juice is better for you than whole fruit.*
Which of the following is the best drink for you?*
Of the following, which contain protein?*
Are the following good sources of fats/oils? Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, avacados, grape seed oil*

  • After completing this quiz, assuming you qualify for the program you will participate in a telphone discussion with one of our call center personnel.
  • It may be possible that we will run out of slots in the program at some point. We will do our best to serve everyone.
  • Upon completion of the program phone call, a second training will be made available and finally a third. You are not required to continue and you will get some free product delivered to you every time you complete a training. 
  • Everyone is welcome to take the quiz anyway...