Pastor Dan and Amalya Hartley began AmalDan Inc. in fall of 2021. The corporation exists to produce and showcase products and services that encourage and fuel creativity, energy, endurance, and faith in general. Over fifty percent of every Dollar received by AmaDan Inc. goes to fueling the works of the ministry in and around Toledo and through the cooperative program, throughout the world. Thank you for support AmalDan Inc. and in turn the kingdom advance. 
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If you use any of the following services or purchase any of the following products using these links AmalDan Inc. will receive a donation of a  percentage of your purchase amount donate. This will not cost you anything and will fuel the kingdom effort as described above.
This is the AmalDan product review channel on Youtube. If you purchase any products through the links found here AmalDan Inc (and in turn the kingdom advance) will receive a donation of a percentage of your purchase. This will not affect your purchase price. 
This is the link to the AmalDan Inc. Store. Purchasing products here will support AmalDan Inc. and the Kingdom advance. Click this link:
T-shirts: Purchasing any of these T-shirts will support AmalDan Inc. and accordingly the Kingdom advance. Don't forget to check out the Fog and Moon Books Page here on the link above. There you will find Fog and Moon Books Books which may be purchased. These family-friendly works of fiction and Biblical devotional materials help to support the ministry in Toledo and around the world. 
On Fog and moon link you can also get information about publishing if you have a manuscript you would like to see in print. You can also donate writings including through the Prince Albert Short Short story program. Check it out by clicking the Fog and Moon link above.