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Life Station: A ministry of Northwest Ohio Baptist Association
Food, Clothing, encouragement, volunteer opportunities
As we work together ot overcome  with Good the evils of poverty, hunger, Loneliness, and hopelessness  Call our call center of click the link above for more information. 419-242-3340
Fog and Moon Books: We can help you get your message in print. You can donate works you would like to see in print. You can write for our Prince Albert Series. Click the link above for more infomation.
Firestorm: Networking to advance the kingdom of God through Church Planting. Click the link above for more information.  
About New Heights Fellowship
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We have never stopped our services. Sundays 11:30AM.  However,  unless the Lord specically leads, we will NOT be cancelling worship. We will NOT be requiring or requesting people to wear masks.  Please do not attend if you have a fever.
We will attempt a live streaming of the services with full legal licensing on Facebook. The live streaming is a weak substitute for worship in-person I know, but it is probably the next best thing if for some reason you cannot attend.
 Service Sunday 11:30AM 
We will continue to post updates here as the situation changes. For now, eveyone who may not have done so already needs to Like the New Heights facebook page,set up electronic tithing/giving, prayefully consider attending Sunday, AND actively pray for and serve other members and our neighbors as God has commanded. 
This isn't over yet but we're almost done. :) 
Why New Heights?