Each Story is one of a series of short tales told by traveling bards in the kingdom of Albert the Wise. The Bards may be in his employ as rumors suggest or just trying to curry favor but there's no debating his storied past and his incredible character unless of course one does not believe what one hears.
In order to write and donate a Prince Albert Story one needs only follow the prompts. Remember, that Prince albert is a heroic and honorable character. We highly suggest you read most or all of the other Prince Albert stories before attempting to write your own. Please also note that the stories are meant to be family friendly and will not go to print with vulgarity or other materials questionable for children or innocence. 
Stories where the bad guys get justice and Prince Albert continues his quests are acceptible. A story wiht a particular moral is wonderful but not necessary. 
The opening prompt is as follows:
Once upon a time in land far way there traveled a young prince. He was just old enough to be called an adult and still young enough to have a powerful wanderlust. His name was Albert and his position was as heir apparent. However, his father was still fairly young and healthy and in a peaceful kingdom such as theirs everyone knew it would be a long time before Albert was made king. 
This pleased Albert just fine. He really had little interest in being king and preferred to fill his time wandering the kingdom incognito, he and his horse. They visited small towns, villages and farms all across the kigndom. Albert sought various ways of helping the common man though he was restrained from giving away large parts of his fortune, which he might well have done, he found many creative ways to help anyone in need. 
((A transition statement here such as "One such opportunity occurred on a Sunny day in June." A foreshadowing statement will serve you well such as, "There were many times when Albert found himself in truly dire straights and this is one of those tales.")) 
The closing prompt is as follows:
Some say he is the best king we;ve ever had but others say that those who say he is best are in his employ. Some say he has slain a thousand dragons and that several fell out of fear of his countenance but some have alleged that he is good friends with many bards and that they tell those tales to further appease him. ((Here a closing statement with reference back to what has been learned through the story about the young prince such as, " It was believed that Prince Albert who loved to traveil would fic all the roadsbut now I think you may see why he is rather fond of the ruts." See the other stories for further examples))
A note from Pastor Dan: Thank you for cosidering writing in the Prince Albert series. I dream of hundreds or even thousands of tales written about this young monarch to be. He is a recurring NPC in my 35 year Role Playing campaign. I will be writing more on him and featuring other entertaining events and characters that might even hint at big reveals in other books in the campaign. 
I look forward to reading what you've wrote. Please forward a signed copy of the release form downloadable from the Fog and Moon page with your story or stories when you are done.  
God bless you.
P. Daniel Stevenson