This page is the page to register to get a free turkey DELIVERED. If you are provided a free turkey you will receive it November 22nd or November 23rd between the hours of 11am to 5pm. You MUST be home to receive the turkey. Also, there is NO guarantee that you will receive a turkey. We are going to try to take this form down as soon as turkeys are gone AND we will schedule and deliver turkeys in the order that requests were received. However, there are no guarantees. The only way that getting a turkey would become a certainty would be to have one handed to you at the building while supplies last. We will do our best but we know we will have more requests than can be honored. 
Please, also realize that this program is:
  • open to Toledo residents
  • Available to those who do not have transportation
  • those who are in need of Turkey
  • Free Turkeys may be delivered by Door Dash volunteers
  • You must receive it from them directly 
This IS NOT our regular grocery delivery program. If you need emergency groceries other than the turkey please visit our delivery registration page and request a regular delivery. Regular delivery program registration. 
Turkey Request for November 22. 2022:
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Initial to indicate you Understand this request does not guarantee a turkey will be delivered. *
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