This is the form for signing up for free school supplies. You must fill the form out for EACH child receiving free school supplies for the 2019-2020 school year. The form must be filled out completely. If you list more than five school supplies that you need then the school supplies will be allocated based on cost- will try to give you the five school supplies you requested that cost the most until we are out of the supplies. We will also be providing some additional basic supplies while they last. 
We will be attempting to deliver the supplies to you at your home or at the child's school. If you fill out the form after the August 12th Deadline we will reach out to you if we are still able to help you get the free school supplies. By filling out the form you will be agreeing to be entered into New Heights' texting group to receive notifications of other freebies and events, etc. You may text STOP to be removed at any time. You would be welcome at our services, kids' and Teens' clubs, and all events but involvement with New Heights as a church is in NO way required and no preferential treatment will be given for this or other give aways. Thank you for allowing us to serve you in this way.  -New Heights Fellowship Baptist church of East Toledo 255 Heffner Toledo Ohio 43605
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School Supplies Backpack   Glue Sticks   Clorox Wipes   
Large Tissue Box (1-2)   Pump Hand sanitizer   Ziploc Sandwich Bags   
Pack of #2 Pencils   Kid Size scissors   Crayola Markers   
3 Ring Pencil Pouch   (Select as many as you want but supplies will be given with five for each student until we have served all registered students and then extra supplies will be distributed between students. Please do NOT mark supplies that are not needed or desired.)
School Name*
parent name*

All fields are required and one form must be filled out per student. Supplies will be provided in cost order (most expensive first until the supplies of an item are gon.). If an item is exhausted you will receive the next item on your list until all supplies are gone.)