Adventure in the Low Moonian Universe is a First Edition AD&D role playing campaign that began 30 years ago in June of 1989. The campaign began with a newly designed world, a highbrid of Greyhawk and the GM's own designs. The world was without much magic and was meant to be more like a true knights and lords feudal campaign as might have been seen in actual England or western Europe. However, there were even then rumblings of ancient legends that were somewhere in hiding and ancient prophecies that seemed just around the corner though to many they had been long forgotten. And these kind of Legends are the kind people are more comfortable forgetting.
The game has provided healthy fun and enjoyment for two actual generations of role players and with its emphasis on role playing has seen no character rise to higher than 15th level. Over the years players have come and gone and at the 30th annual Low Moon retreat all players who have played in the campaign for more than six consecutive months at any point are being welcomed to a weekend of activities with Four role playing sessions, and lots of good food. 
We will produce an on-site book that will promote our sponsors and will be a lasting memento available as a published book and for sale on Amazon for five years after the actual retreat. The book will include entertaining stories, articles about role playing and running role playing games and messages from all of our sponsors as detailed below. Copies of the book will be available on-line and some sponsorships come with free copies. A sponsorship can be as simple as providing some SWAG or a small donation or as specific as purchasing our sponsorship packages. Details about sponsorship are listed in the links below. Please consider sponsoring this event as the players of this epic campaign come together for a weekend of role playing and fun. 
 This is the flyer the players received to announce the retreat and to begin the sign up process. 
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We are asking all sponsors to respond by 08/20/19 and to provide files for printing by 09/01/2019.
All Proceeds will go to benefit the Life Station in their mission to overcome the evils of hunger, porverty, loneliness, and hopelessness in the Toledo area.